Beachfront with chairs
21 June 2018

My Go To Staycation Spots

5 local Los Angeles hotels I love to stay at for a quick getaway.

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Erin walking in a bright courtyard with cacti and palm trees
2 May 2018

Palm Springs Hotels

Where you’ll want to stay + what’s on my list.

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Erin holding a bottle of perfume outside
10 February 2018

Day Trip with Chloe

What I did on my pseudo day trip in Los Angeles

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Erin leaving a hotel
30 December 2017

NYC Hotels – Honest Reviews

I averaged visiting New York City every two months. Finding good hotels became a priority.

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Erin drinking coffee
11 December 2017

5 Favorite Coffee Shops In NYC

One of my favorite things to do when I don’t feel like doing anything or when I want to get inspiration is go to a coffee shop. Whenever I travel, it’s become a thing of mine to want to find and see the cool coffee shops of that city.

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Open suitcase
27 September 2017

Packing Tips: How I packed for 16 days in two carry ons for four locations

I successfully packed for 16 days in two carry ons for four locations.

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Erin eating pizza
25 September 2017

Healthy Traveler

Maintaining a healthy routine while I’m away from home is important to me. I think about a few factors while I’m gone.

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Erin and Matt walking down a street in Madrid and Erin is looking back over her shoulder smiling
13 September 2017

Madrid Travel Guide ft. Paige

What to wear for him and her and where to eat, drink, stay and explore in Madrid. Full travel guide.

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