Erin sitting on bed suspended from ceiling
23 July 2018

Packing Tips For A 3 Day Weekend In Tulum + Travel Guide

How to efficiently pack and see everything you want in Tulum + what time of year is best to go. Hint: not when I went.

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Erin standing in front of a pool
25 June 2018

Ritz Carlton Miami Review

Comparing + contrasting two different Ritz Carlton locations

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Beachfront with chairs
21 June 2018

My Go To Staycation Spots

5 local Los Angeles hotels I love to stay at for a quick getaway.

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Erin walking in a bright courtyard with cacti and palm trees
2 May 2018

Palm Springs Hotels

Where you’ll want to stay + what’s on my list.

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Erin holding a bottle of perfume outside
10 February 2018

Day Trip with Chloe

What I did on my pseudo day trip in Los Angeles

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Erin leaving a hotel
30 December 2017

NYC Hotels – Honest Reviews

I averaged visiting New York City every two months. Finding good hotels became a priority.

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Erin drinking coffee
11 December 2017

5 Favorite Coffee Shops In NYC

One of my favorite things to do when I don’t feel like doing anything or when I want to get inspiration is go to a coffee shop. Whenever I travel, it’s become a thing of mine to want to find and see the cool coffee shops of that city.

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Open suitcase
27 September 2017

Packing Tips: How I packed for 16 days in two carry ons for four locations

I successfully packed for 16 days in two carry ons for four locations.

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