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Step 1: What Luggage I Used

I used two different brands of luggage for this trip. I wanted to test out both brands to be able to give you an honest review of them both. So, what did I use and think? Tumi and Away.

Tumi Review

Pro: Fits A LOT. Has 3 inner compartments. 2 outer compartments – 1 perfect for a laptop, the 2nd great for your passport, wallet, or any MISC things you may need to access quickly.

Con: Price point is high.

AWAY Review

Pro: Extremely affordable for quality luggage. Fits a lot. Hard case so difficult to damage what’s inside. Charger box built in to the luggage so convenient for traveling long distance and keeping your own phone and your travel partner’s phone charged.

Con: No outside or inner compartments besides the two main ones. The outside scuffs easily.

Open away suitcase

Step 2: How I Organized My Clothes

I used large ziploc bags and packed by destination. I take photo’s of all my outfits and keep them organized in a folder on my iPhone so I remember them and then am able to take out each bag per destination. This helps keep everything neat and organized when moving around a lot + leaves you a giant bag at the end for dirty laundry.

Step 3: How To Make Outfits

The key to fitting everything in 2 carry ons for 16 days is to mix and match and be strategic. I re-wore pretty much everything I packed at some point. If it was a day outfit in one destination, it was a night outfit in another. Only one pair of shorts on your trip? No problem. You have 3 different types of tops to make the item look new. Switching up your accessories can also help you feel like your outfit is fresh. The main thing is to not overthink it and talk yourself into packing items just because.

I hope this helped you pack smartly for your next trip! Let me know what you think in the comments below! x

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