Erin posing outside wearing black Fendi tank top and black leggings and tennis shoes
18 November 2018

Ways To Stay Active Throughout Your Day

4 easy and, not-so-obvious, obvious ways to stay active throughout your day

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Wall that says 99 Problems but a bridge ain't one at Y7
11 July 2018

LA Workouts

Living in LA makes it easy to stay fit and want to exercise with so many classes and great instructors. Keep reading for some LA classics and my personal fitness favorites.

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Erin smiling while wearing a black bralette under a denim jacket and black leggings and tennis shoes
5 February 2017

5 Tips To Stay In Shape And Motivated

Traveling makes me think about the importance of keeping my day to day schedule somewhat normal. Over time I’ve found what works for me. 5 attainable tips broken down.

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