Erin wearing a white shirt witting on a white couch. Her hair is pulled back and she is wearing minimal makeup with eyeshadow and blush.
7 November 2018

The Best In-Flight Skin Products

I spoke to my facialist about the best ways to keep skin looking good when you’re flying high.

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People riding in a jeep in the savanna
16 October 2018

Going On Safari: Everything You Need To Know

Sharing everything from the how, what, why and everything in-between you need to know to go on a safari well prepared.

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View from hotel balcony
22 August 2018

How To Stay Productive While On Vacation

You can vacation but you can’t escape regular life. The hope is that you build a life you don’t want to escape from but that you can learn how to balance the two. What balance looks like…

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Erin walking up stairs
22 August 2018

Hotel Californian Review Santa Barbara

Trendy. Upscale. Centrally located. Get to know the hotel.

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Erin sitting on bed suspended from ceiling
23 July 2018

Packing Tips For A 3 Day Weekend In Tulum + Travel Guide

How to efficiently pack and see everything you want in Tulum + what time of year is best to go. Hint: not when I went.

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Erin standing in front of a pool
25 June 2018

Ritz Carlton Miami Review

Comparing + contrasting two different Ritz Carlton locations

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Beachfront with chairs
21 June 2018

My Go To Staycation Spots

5 local Los Angeles hotels I love to stay at for a quick getaway.

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Erin walking in a bright courtyard with cacti and palm trees
2 May 2018

Palm Springs Hotels

Where you’ll want to stay + what’s on my list.

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