Erin walking on a sandy beach, wearing sunglasses and a bikini with a light cover dress
20 March 2019

Sunscreens to Get you in the Mood for Warmer Weather

Sunscreens aren’t greasy and what they used to be. Now sunscreens are a step you won’t want to miss – they moisturize, protect and make you glow.

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Erin holding a bottle of Maison Margelia By The Fireplace perfume
14 January 2019

My Fragrance Favorites

While many people have a go-to scent that they swear by, I like to switch things up depending on everything from my mood that day to the occasion.

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Erin wearing a white shirt witting on a white couch. Her hair is pulled back and she is wearing minimal makeup with eyeshadow and blush.
11 January 2019

Anti-Aging Skincare I’m Loving

Investing in skincare and staying ahead of the problem is important. As skin ages, it also gets a bit more dull and can discolor a bit too. Read on for anti-aging products that work.

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Essie Nailpolish Bottles
22 December 2018

Holiday Nail Art Ideas

Easy to achieve nail art ideas broken down step by step.

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Erin smiling into the camera with an illuminated face
13 December 2018

5 Favorite Highlighters

If you want to glow naturally, these highlighters are the ones for you.

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Erin standing on a rooftop smiling
5 December 2018

Tips For Getting Rid Of Bumps On Face

Instagram told me these products will heal my face ASAP. I listened and tried out different products and these are the ones that actually worked.

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Erin smiling into the camera
3 September 2018

5 Steps To Get Your Skin Glowing From The Inside Out

Glow a little more. Be a little more even. Shine a little brighter. How to actually live out the phrase #iwokeuplikethis

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Bottles of face oil and a bouquet of flowers on top of an open magazine sitting on a knitted blanket
8 August 2018

Skincare Favorites: Face Oils

Some would say I’m a beauty junkie. I call it self care. The latest thing that I’ve researched (benefits + best ones) and added into my skincare routine is face oils.

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