Health & Wellness

26 July 2019

A Beginners Guide to Clean Beauty

Because we all need to start somewhere!

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11 July 2019

5 Damaging Effects of UV Rays and How to Avoid Them

Since July is UV Awareness Month, I thought it was a great time to discuss a passion of mine: protecting your skin and being healthy.

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9 July 2019

5 Tips on Getting That Golden Hour Glow

Because sometimes hitting the beach isn’t always an option.

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10 Benefits of Celery Juice Infographic
25 January 2019

Is Celery Juice Worth The Craze? Health Benefits.

I reluctantly tried celery juice recently. Here’s what I think.

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Erin sitting at a cafe table drinking tea and wearing a black long sleeve shirt and red plaid pants with pink high heels.
22 January 2019

Screen Time On iPhone: What To Do With The Information

I panicked when I saw how much time I spent on my iPhone.

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Erin posing while wearing a white blouse, tan skirt and red high heels with hair styled in a bun.
2 January 2019

Tips To Organize Your Life

How to organize your life and keep it simple.

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Erin standing outside in a dress holding a bottle of Perrier
3 August 2018

What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Water?

The benefits I learned about drinking water beyond just “it’s good for you.”

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glass of water with lemon slices in it
5 July 2018

How To Detox After A Day Of Celebrating

Your non-traditional detox. 3 tips that don’t include just green juice and crazy work outs.

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