Erin posing while wearing a white blouse, tan skirt and red high heels with hair styled in a bun.

Start The Year Off Right

With it being the first week of 2019, it only feels fitting to reassess things in your life and start the first month of the year organized. It’s time to see what is working in your life, what isn’t working as well, what is cluttered in your life, and what needs to stay. After looking at those things — I’ll get into specifics next — then it’s easy to get to work and start organizing. To me, an organized life = an organized calm mind which usually leads to me to feeling better all around. Want to start the year off feeling great? I know I do! If so, keep reading and join me on this quest to an organized life.

Erin posing while wearing a white blouse, tan skirt and red high heels with hair styled in a bun.

Tips To Organize Your Life

While I touched on this above, having an organized life comes down to utilizing certain tools. I’ve broken it down to top 5 tools you can use to do this successfully:

Get A Planner or Calendar

Staying organized is a major key to being successful – at least in my world. If I am not organized, I will become overly stressed, forgetful and I will fall behind with my work. I live by my calendar on my iPhone and am thinking that for this month, I am going to start writing a to do list every day to see how that makes me feel.

Know Your Weekly And Monthly To Do’s

Breaking your calendar list into weekly and monthly to do’s helps you stay accountable, organized and keeps you on track for success. I find using a planner or calendar helps me to stay focused and calm. By seeing everything laid out, it helps clear my mind to be able to focus on what I actually need to do in the moment versus having to remember what I need to do in the future.

Know Your Monthly Expenses

This might be one of the most important things to do. Growing up, you’re not taught to do this in school and often times are not taught to do this at home besides being told to be “responsible.” I am lucky to be with someone who is super knowledgable with this type of stuff and is teaching me a lot but it is something I am greatly working on this year. Lucky for me – I have always been on the more cautious side with spending money so I’ve never gotten into trouble but I am at a age personally and in a place professionally where I need to know numbers exactly and at all times.

This is something I am putting a major focus on this year and plan to talk more about on here. Stay tuned for posts on this! In the meantime, I am going to try out the app Mint to help me with this.

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Organize Your House

An organized mind needs a clean organized space. Over the holiday’s, Matt and I did a major de cluttering of our house and I think it is important to do this regularly.  You don’t realize how much you accumulate in such a short amount of time until you go to clean it out. Even if you’re not buying new things, there is just trash that builds up.

Junk mail gets delivered and you say you’ll go through it later but never get to it. You leave your chapstick out on the counter one night and then you go to use it and take another one out because you forget about the first one and now you have two out for weeks… these are just little examples of things that turn into major clutter over time.

Coming home to a clean house makes both Matt and I feel at such peace that there is no reason we shouldn’t do this quarterly at minimum. Extra benefit of this is you always know where everything is so you also save time looking for “lost items.” I’m a firm believer in everything should have a “home” in a house.

Shoes and purses organized on a shelf

Schedule Your Work Outs

This is something that has become more and more important to me over the years. Working out to me is something that makes me feel good not only physically but mentally also and is key to my daily success. It helps me feel focussed, alert, happy and stress free. Although I love how I feel from it, I am not someone who will actually do it if it is not scheduled into my life. While meetings and other work / life commitments are very important, it is just as important that I schedule work outs in as if they are a meeting so that I make sure I get it done. By doing this, it also holds me accountable to do it and leaves little room for excuses as to why I couldn’t. 

Erin outside wearing a black Fendi brand  tank top and black leggings with running shoes

What tips work best for you to organize your life? I’m always looking for new and better ways to organize! Let me know in the comments below.

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