glass of water with lemon slices in it

What?! I have to Detox?

One of the most asked questions, and I’m surprised not most Google-d…”how to detox after a day of celebrating?” This is a little different because it is not like it is the holiday’s and hasn’t been a series of events. It is likely just one day. Unfortunately, what no one tells you, is as you get older, one day effects you a lot more than it used to. My friend and I were just talking about how when you were younger you could go out and feel nothing the next day, but now you’re off for two full days.

What Do You Mean By Detox

So what does a detox look like when you’ve only been out one day? You drank a little more than you would on an a typical Wednesday. You ate a few more French fries than you might at home in the middle of the week. You stayed up a little later and didn’t get a full 6-8 hours that your body requires. Sure, it all wasn’t ideal when you add it all up but it was only one day. Do I really have to only drink green juice for the rest of the week and work out like crazy? My answer is NO. I don’t even believe in that to begin with, but that’s another conversation. For now, these are my three main tips to balance out yesterday’s fun to today’s self care.

Detox Tip #1Go For A Fast Paced Walk Or Jog Outside

Yes you heard me right, you don’t even have to run. Just get outside with fresh air and get moving! This helps with jet lag and this helps also with a day after hangover type situation. Just move. For at least 30 minutes. This is good for anyone and everyone to do everyday anyway but you’ll especially want to prioritize it today!

glass of water with lemon slices in it

Detox Tip #2Drink Water With Lemon And Lots Of It

This is so important and for so many different reasons. Water with lemon promotes hydration and is easier for some people to drink. Water with lemon also is a great source of vitamin C, which is important after a day where you have lowered your body’s immune system. It improves skin quality, and we all know how dull our skin can look if we add up alcohol, fried food and a bad nights sleep. It also aids digestion. While lemon water is great so many more things than just this, but these are the main benefits I see for a night after detox.

Detox Tip #3Eat Balanced Meals and Nutritious Snacks

Yes! Eat! It’s actually good for you and healing. Just maybe skip the alcohol and French fries today…and get in bed at a normal time. Eating things like greens, protein, healthy fats and fruits are actually healing for your body and you need the vitamins in them to recover faster!

Did you find these tips helpful?? What are your favorite tips for getting back on schedule? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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