Room full of West Elm furniture
6 June 2019

My Go To Home Decor Sites & Stores

Matt and I had so much fun creating a space we love when we moved into our first apartment together.

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Erin posing outside a cafe with striped pants, a blush shirt, and pink heels on.
22 February 2019

3 Tips For Someone Who Works From Home

My home is my office. As you can imagine, that could be hard to do. Through time and practice, I think I get it now.

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Shoes organized neatly on shelves
16 January 2019

4 Hacks To An Organized Home

Tips even the least organized person can stick to. How I manage an organized home.

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Kitchen with cabinets and a stove
15 May 2019

My Go-To Healthy & Delicious Recipes

3 most-requested delicious and healthy recipes that are easy to make. No cooking experience required.

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Erin looking into the camera
25 March 2019

Skincare Products Make Up Artists Swear By

Beyond how make up is applied, good make up always comes from good skin prep. These products I’ve seen used over and over from top make up artists and they always make skin look flawless.

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Erin posing while wearing a white blouse, tan skirt and red high heels with hair styled in a bun.
2 January 2019

Tips To Organize Your Life

How to organize your life and keep it simple.

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20 November 2018

Fridge Staples

The things you’ll always find inside my fridge.

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Erin posing outside wearing black Fendi tank top and black leggings and tennis shoes
18 November 2018

Ways To Stay Active Throughout Your Day

4 easy and, not-so-obvious, obvious ways to stay active throughout your day

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