11 of the Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Notoriously, stocking stuffers consist of deodorant, socks, and other tack-on-at-checkout items that are, for the most part, not the ideal gift to receive. And, if you’re like me, you probably still have five to seven pink cans of shaving cream from Christmases past under your sink.

Let’s shake it up this year and contribute to the rebranding of stocking stuffers as perfectly pleasant items that you might pick out on your own but (a) wouldn’t think to, or (b) haven’t had the chance to.

The keys to a perfect stocking stuffer are utility and creativeness. It has to be something that the recipient would be inclined to use (once or, preferably, frequently), and bonus points if it’s something they didn’t even know they needed (or wanted)!

Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Below, I’ve rounded up 11 items that I think would make the perfect stocking stuffer, including items for each price range. Happy shopping!

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