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We’re all busy. We either are rushing out the door to go to work or, if you’re like me, you’re constantly in your home working from there. Both ways, it’s easy for life to get in the way and for things to get out of order. To me, my home has always been a sacred place. I am huge on energy and my home has to have a peaceful energy. Ask Matt. The first thing I told him when we moved into together was that I’ll know where I want to move when I see it. I have to feel the energy LOL.

When things are everywhere and out of place, I don’t feel calm. That also doesn’t mean everything is “perfect” in my home, whatever “perfect” means. I constantly have boxes at the front door that are either just delivered and need to be sorted through. Or there are boxes waiting to go out to the trash. Matt, as a hobby, resells clothing, artwork and other amazing things. So we always have his items laying around. Needless to say, our home is not perfectly put away but we have a method to the madness.

Keep reading if you’re interested in the hacks I’ve learned to keep an organized home.

 Hacks To An Organized Home:

#1 Everything Has A Home

This is probably the biggest hack of them all and something that I truly believe in. If your scissors belong in the top drawer of your kitchen, then put them back in the top drawer of your kitchen. That way the scissors never get lost. This simple tool I learned over the years has saved me so much time searching for things and saved me so much frustration and anxiety thinking I lost an item.

#2 Have A Go Back Pile With A Time Limit

I call this the “go back” pile and the rule with this pile is that it has to go back the next morning. Matt laughs and me and used to get annoyed because he didn’t believe I’d actually do it but I always do. I for some reason don’t like always putting my clothes away at night the second I take them off.

I find it annoying and by the end of the day, I’m so excited to throw my clothes off and put my pajamas on. Every day, unless I do put my clothes away that same night, I put my clothes in a pile in the same exact spot in my bedroom and then in the morning I put them away. Everyday.

It might look messy in the tiny corner when I go to sleep but I honestly don’t care because it’s just overnight when I’m sleeping and then the mess is gone by the morning.

#3 Use Open Space

I’ve noticed that the more I can tuck away behind a drawer or closet drawer, the more I tend to fill with “things.” The more exposed things are, the neater and simpler they are. Imagine if everything was exposed? It would all be so clean! Aim for having most things exposed, and if they’re not – pretend like they are.

If you could narrow it down, what are your favorite hacks for a more organized home? Of course, there are so many more that I have. But these are three good tools I’ve learned and use.

#4 De-Clutter

Ask yourself, does this make me happy? Do I need this? If the answer to these questions are no then it may be time to get rid of those items.

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