Tips For Strong Healthy Nails

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could encourage our nails to grow healthier and quit gel polish once and for all? Let’s rewind. Chipping a freshly painted manicure is one of life’s most painful frustrations. If you’re constantly opening packages or typing, then wearing gel polish is your lifeline for extending your polish. And, when it comes to at-home manicures, they’re great, liberating even for your bank account, but really lack durability. Gel polish stepped up in a time where us girls are busier than ever but that’s a gift and a curse.

So, if you’re getting back-to-back gel manicures, then you’re familiar with the wear and tear it can cause on your nails. Trust me, there are a few things to keep in mind before booking your next appointment. First, gel may “protect” your nails, allowing for increased nail growth, but it can actually make them weaker and prone to splitting. Hear me out, while I get technical for a second: Your nail plate is suffocated by gel, which leads to dehydration and eventual breakage. And, while I’m on sabbatical from gel polish, I thought I’d share how I’m breaking up with damaged nails. Keep reading for my five go-to tips for strong, healthy nails.

Tips For Strong Healthy Nails

Tip #1: Moisturize!

Excessively washing our hands, moving them from wet to dry on repeat, actually makes our nails brittle. We’re removing the moisture from them and somehow need to put it back! So, I immediately invested in a cuticle oil and dug out my favorite hand lotion post gel removal. I’m making sure to pay close attention to my cuticles and give them extra TLC. You could even soak your hands in a bowl of oil (coconut oil is great for this) once a week for an at-home nail dip.

Tip #2: Make a DIY Hand Soak

Moisturizers not doing the trick? I hear you. If you’re in need, try a DIY hand soak by combining fresh lemon juice, sugar, apple cider vinegar and warm water. Lemon is packed with vitamin C which will promote nail growth. Apple cider vinegar works to eliminate any pesky white spots on your nails.

Tip #3: Don’t Forget Your Vitamins

Your nails also need nutrients to grow, like vitamin C, which is key in producing collagen. B-group vitamins are equally important too, to help maintain the health of your fingernails. Ritual is my new favorite daily supplement, but I know there are other amazing vitamins like Killer Nails by HUM.

Tip #4: Invest In A Base Coat

I always thought that weak nails meant I shouldn’t be wearing nail polish–you always hear “let them breathe.” In fact, wearing a base coat can actually keep your nails from breaking! Having an extra layer while your nails regroup will give some strength to them. Also, consider the shape of your nail. Shorter, rounded nails will avoid tears and snags.

Tip #5: Hydrate

If you’re reading this, drink water! Staying hydrated is equally important to nail growth. I love a good coconut water too because it’s a good internal source of hydration and it contains vitamin C, checking off two important boxes for healthier nails.

There you have it, my key tips for healthier nails for those of us on our way to breaking up with gel manicures. I’m curious to know, how many of you enjoy at-home manis every week? I’m thinking this is something I need to get into now!

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