Erin standing in a well organized closet holding up a black jacket.
31 July 2018

Wardrobe Detox

Wardrobe detox made simple. Follow these steps.

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Erin with a low half-ponytail in a bow and a white long cardigan.
25 July 2018

Long Cardigan Outfits For Summer

Outfit ideas and styling tips.

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Erin sitting on the beach in a red polka dot bikini.
22 June 2018

Beach Day Outfit Ideas

Since I went so often, and I always loved styling looks (pre my actual styling career days), I loved getting creative and putting together unique beach days outfits.

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Erin walking along the beach in a white cover up, looking back over her shoulder.
7 June 2018

5 Beach Cover Ups For Your Next Vacation

The easy accessory you need and will want to elevate your beach / pool look.

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Erin smiling at the camera while wearing an oversized cardigan and statement jewelry.
10 May 2018

Staple Investment Jewelry Items

Jewelry pieces that are worth the investment.

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Erin reaching up into the sky from behind. She is wearing denim shorts and a blue crop top.
10 April 2018

Coachella Fashion

Coachella has become a place for fashion, for celebrity sitings, for exclusive parties and, of course, for the music. Coachella fashion is different than your everyday look…

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Erin wearing a plaid newsboy cap, plaid long jacket, plain white tshirt, and light wash blue jeans. Her hair is down and she is carrying a large black purse while standing in front of a large white building.
9 March 2018

3 Easy Ways To Look Parisian

How to look like the ultimate Parisian cool girl. Effortlessly beautiful.

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5 pairs of designer shoes arranged on the floor.
24 January 2018

5 Best Places To Shop For Designer Sales

Be a smart shopper. Shop the designers you want at a discounted price.

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