Do you have that one friend that always turns up in cool, of-the-moment pieces, but you totally cannot for the life of you seem to place them? I bet she always answers with, “It’s vintage.” An answer that’s frustratingly simple and to the point. And, if you’ve even opened Instagram lately, your favorite fashion inspo accounts have probably been caught styling a few second-hand pieces as of late as well. And for good reason! Shopping vintage is sustainable and very coveted at the moment. I know I have pieces that I end up living in, plus there’s just something so satisfying in knowing that it’s one-off and you’ve found it. 

With that, I know it’s hard to recommend pieces that you cannot readily go online and replicate to purchase. And, thrifting is truly an art form which requires a cleared scheduled, that no one really has time or patience for. So, because I love the hunt just as much as the next person for a great vintage find, I thought I would share the 5 shops I turn to when I am looking online for vintage pieces!

1. Treasures of New York

Shopping for vintage online has never been easier with newly popular Instashops, like Treasures of NYC. Shopping this way just makes sense. Treasures has an endless supply of one-of-a-kind designer pieces and its editorialized content will have you hooked immediately! Buyer beware–but mostly just enjoy.

2. Courtyard L.A.

This shop has a loyal following for its chic blouses and girl pieces, but they also drop hand-picked vintage pieces as well. Follow them closely on Instagram for their latest drops–I know I’ve turned on their post notifications!

3. Lisa Says Gah

LSG is a San Francisco-based, sheEO-run shop and another that you’ve probably seen while scrolling around. With recent collaborations with Urban Outfitters and Chillhouse, they have curated a great collection on their site. Outside of their designer pieces, they also do exclusive vintage drops that are very 80’s-inspired and reminiscent of their line.

4. The RealReal

This is a must-have! I could spend hours getting lost in the pages on The RealReal. So, if you’re like me and you might have felt overwhelmed at first, here are some useful tips I picked up along the way to navigating this endless site: 1) Sort out what’s been sold; 2) Create an account & wishlist (it’s like a personal moodboard); 3) Go into the ‘Editors Picks’ section, it’s the absolute best; and, 4) They have end of the month clear-outs!

5. Na Nin Vintage

Na Nin is another Instashop that I love browsing through, mostly because their feed gives me serious styling inspiration. Their picks are 90’s and very minimal, with an aesthetic that seems very in right now. The best part, all you have to do is DM them when you want to make a purchase!

I’d love to know your go-to online destinations for vintage, share them in the comments below! Let’s discuss.

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