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The last of the wedding recap, the bridal party. To catch up on the rest of the wedding recap, click here. In this link you will find everything from a general recap, to the rehearsal dinner, welcome dinner and actual wedding ceremony and reception.

How To Pick Your Bridal Party

You would think the answer to this would be super easy for people but then you engaged and realized it’s not. Or at least in my experience, and the few people I’ve talked to who have been engaged and married ahead of me. Often times getting married ends up representing a lot more in your life than just you and the person you’re marrying. You start to re-evaulate friendships and all of the relationships in your life. You realize some are more meaningful than you thought and some are different than you thought. For me, both of these situations happened for me.

I knew one thing for sure when I got engaged… I needed to have my sister, who’s also my best friend, by my side. We are three years apart but since I’ve been born (she’s older) we may as well have been twins. We really grown up together and are the best of friends.

Beyond her, I waited. a while to ask anyone because to me my bridal party represented a lot. These were the questions I asked myself to help guide me to the “who” of picking my bridal party. 1) While none of these people (besides immediate family) may be in my life forever. Will I always look back and be happy and feel like it was right they were in my wedding? 2) Are they truly a good friend to me and there for me? 3) Do you represent and support Matt and I as a couple in the way we want to be represented and supported?

Who Was In My Bridal Party

Once I was able to answer those above questions, it became obvious who should be in my bridal party. I am not someone who has a ton of best friends so that also helped. My bridal party consisted of my sister who was my matron of honor, my brother, my sister in law, and my four best friends (Carly, Sascha, Ariana and Ashley).

I am so glad that I didn’t rush asking anyone and really thought about the meaning behind each person. Because I hear stories all the time how people end up regretting who is in their wedding. Honestly, I can say I don’t.

What My Bridal Party Wore

When I first asked the girls to be in my wedding I thought I’d want everyone in something mismatched but similar color tone. I love the look in some weddings where everyone compliments each other but not everyone’s the same.

I chose against the fully mismatched because I really wanted my sister to stand out. Also, feel special as the matron of honor and this would be hard to achieve otherwise. Then, I was looking at dresses in the exact same color but different styles and it was hard. I felt like it was hard to find five dresses that were equally special and that everyone would love.

When I had come across the bridal dresses from Reformation, I showed a couple of my friends the options in the color I was planning and oddly they chose the same exact dress. That made my decision easy because I ended up putting every girl in the same dress color champagne (I had them in the ) and they all looked incredible.

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