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Are you a bride to be or know someone who is? Read on for my best tips.

Tip #1: Have A Planned Morning Routine

Whether it is going for a long walk with a friend or some breath work and meditation. It is really important to do something in the morning that is for you. Take a moment, look around, and enjoy each moment. Try to soak it all in because G-d willing, this will only happen once in your life. You don’t want to regret it. I meditated in bed the morning of my wedding which was a nice and peaceful way to start a chaotic getting ready day.

Tip #2: Schedule Alone Time

This is something that I did not do on my wedding and I really wish I had. While your wedding day is all about you and the person you’re marrying. Also, it can become about other people and if you’re like me and don’t want to disappoint anyone, you end up doing a little people pleasing. I noticed I was a little too consumed by if other people were happy and taken care of and if I was giving my family enough attention and time, that I put aside being able to even realize what I fully wanted which was some alone time. I am someone who naturally values time to myself so that was especially important. But I think even if you’re not that person, that you need it on this day.

Tip #3: Have Someone Responsible For Reminding You To Be Present And Take It All In

This might sound like a lot to ask someone or that you’re weird for asking but I can not stress this enough. Whether is your maid of honor, family member or someone who works at your event space… Ask someone. There is so much going on the day of your wedding, that it’s nice to have someone there to help center you. I had one of the wedding planner do this for me and he was so helpful. He really helped me remember why this event was happening and that all that mattered was Matt and me and our love for each other.

Tip #4: Don’t Drink Too Much

This is something you hear all the time but lots of people don’t believe but, seriously, don’t. I know a lot of people think this is a day to celebrate and why wouldn’t they drink a little more than they usually would and have some fun. But what worse way could you spend your wedding day?! How badly would you feel if you got too drunk, got sick or, worse, didn’t remember it? You hear this happen to people all of the time and I feel so sad for them.

Tip #5: Take Your Time

Take your time with whatever it is that you’re doing that. That is something I would completely redo of my wedding day. It felt so chaotic and rushed. I didn’t even have time to check my make up to make sure I loved it or take as many photos as I wanted to because we were behind schedule. Whatever it is that you do, take your time. At the end of the day, if you’re behind schedule and make people wait – it’s ok. No one will remember that after the day. You are the only person who will remember if you didn’t have enough time. Being rushed not only causes you to not pay attention to details you might want to, but it also makes it impossible to be as present as you possibly can be or would want to because there actually isn’t time for that.

These are my five big takeaways from having a wedding and the best tips I know to stay present on this special day. If you’ve been married before I’d love to hear what your tips are or if you agree with me and if you’re getting married. I hope you find these useful! I know I wanted to read and know everything I could before my day to help make it the best day of my life…which it was! Happy wedding! I’m so excited of you.

Erin in her wedding dress with her mom zipping it up the back.
Erin in her wedding dress, putting on her shoes.
Erin and Matt sharing their first look under a tree.
Erin smiling in her wedding dress.
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