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Get Glowing

Can we all agree that we would all love to actually “wake up like this” (whatever “this” is)?! We all want to glow a little more, be a little more even, and shine a little brighter. We all would love to not throw a pretty filter on and just be the pretty filter naturally. Am I right?! Well, I don’t have all the magic answers but I definitely have been on a quest to figure this out the natural way. No lasers or injections needed. I have been determined to figure out natural ways to glow in the way that I want without having to do or ask too much…and without having to spend so much money.

Step by Step Breakdown To Get Glowing Skin From The Inside Out

While I am still experimenting and trying to find out more and better answers, I have broken it down to 5 steps that currently work for me. The best part of these 5 steps is they are so easy to do!

Step 1: Drink More Water

This may seem obvious but is so often overlooked. We hear it so often for so many different reasons that we don’t take it literally but it actually works. Water works and for so much more reasons than just glowing skin. See my post on the benefits of drinking water.

Step 2: Add Omega-3’s Into Your Diet

Adding healthy fats like salmon, avocado, and walnuts are great for your skin. It’s interesting because this is something that my body naturally started craving this year, and I am a big believer in listening to what your body naturally tells you it needs versus what you think you’re supposed to have, and I have seen a difference. Maybe it’s a coincidence but either way it doesn’t hurt to add these foods into your diet!

Step 3: Limit Caffeine and Alcohol

I’m not saying don’t drink caffeine or alcohol ever, I’m just saying limit the amount you have when you have it. Both caffeine are alcohol are super dehydrating, which we know can make anyone’s skin look more tired and dull.

Step 4: Go For A Walk In The Middle Of The Day

Doing small acts that are kind to yourself and that gives you a break from potential stress in your life, helps make you a happier, more clear headed person. When you are happier you glow more. It’s a fact.

Step 5: Experiment With Facial Oils

This is something I’ve gotten really into this year and I swear by. I think it takes trying out a bunch to see what works for you but if you’re curious what works for me, click here. I swear by them!

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Erin smiling into the camera
Glass of water with lemon and ginger

What do you think of this? What are your best tips to glowing skin from the inside out? Let me know in the comments below!

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