A trip to Japan wouldn’t be complete without a stop in this magical place—a city juxtaposed with time-honored tradition and ultra modernity. The vibe is New-York-meets-Back-to-the-Future-Kawaii, and one must dress accordingly. If there’s any time to venture outside of your style comfort zone, it’s in Tokyo.

The weather in Tokyo is a bit unpredictable this time of the year. It can range from mid-sixties (that means cold for the California girl in me) to upper eighties, with rain and sun. Basically, it’s like September in New England, if you’re looking for a reference. For that reason, I brought a range of items that could transition from true Fall to true Summer.

If you’re like me, you pack in outfits, not in separates. And because I was only in Tokyo for a couple short days, I wanted to make the most of my outfits (go big or go home, right?). With that said, comfort was key because we wanted to walk the city as much as we could (even though public transit was incredibly clean). Read on to see what I packed!

Outfit 1: A girly white dress and chunky boots.

Outfit 2: Cargo pants, a sports bra, and statement sandals.

Outfit 3: A short-sleeved pattern dress with sneakers.

Outfit 4: A white t-shirt, statement necklace, and statement denim.

Outfit 5: A structured denim dress with statement sneakers.

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